Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender or Straight

Being gay or straight I believe is passed down from generations. I think It has something to do with a son getting some of the mothers hormonal gene or the daughter getting a fathers hormonal gene.

For an example:

A mother is pregnant with a daughter, and the father has a strong gene that makes him like girls that gene is passed on to the daughter and the daughter is born and becomes a lesbian.

Sometimes as a child or adult you come across people who have been homosexual all their lives. Sometimes you come across people who are just now becoming homosexual. What ever the case may be, how do you know you are gay or lesbian?? Answer, the same way you know your straight. The way you feel when you get a reaction to your sexual preference. Homosexuality is not a disease it is just something new.

Insulting someones sexual orientation it is pointless calling someone gay is just like me calling someone straight. When you insult someone on their sexual orientation I believe if they aren’t comfortable enough with themselves it causes insecurities. Which can lead to people pretending to be something they are not which usually makes their lives uncomfortable which would probably lead to depression or suicide.

What I want you to learn?:

  1. Let people be who they are homosexuals are people jus like us with feelings just like us
  2. Dont insult someones sexual orientation it can lead to death
  3. Homosexuality is a genetic thing in some cases

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