Poem about the rights of African Americans

Rights as Blacks

Is Getting stopped by a white cop

Pop pop

 Another shot

Hands up but we don’t stop

So says the cop

With a shield of protections

Prosecutors all white

Another black kid that has to suffers from neglecting

Dealers on the corner will be

The sons childhood obsessions

Girls beings prostitutes

Are the daughters acceptance

Always about the color of the skins reflection

How can a skin tone

Give me a future preference?

We have a choice to be forgotten by whites

We have rights

We use those to fight

Skin color black as night’s in the deep sky

I choose to strive

I choose to be fine as wine

I choose to design my life

Cut the hatred with a knife

Its my choice because

I have free will

And by this will I am strong

-Joy Amore’


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