The Suspence of the Lottery: Why do people play the lottery with such short chances of Winning??

The chances of me being attacked by a shark is 1 in 3,748,067. The chances of being hit by a car is . The chances of becoming a billionaire is 1 in 7,000,000. The lottery made this  chance of being a billionaire higher, like, 1 in 750.2 millon higher.

1976 is the year the lottery was created, the lottery is a game, where you win prizes if you can guess numbers. The numbers are randomly selected by a machine attached to tubes. There are many different types of lottery entries Fireball, Lucky Day Lotto, Extra Shot, and Mega Millions. It is extremely rare that you win, that you can guess numbers for millions. The question is why do people choose to spend money on Lottery tickets knowing that it is rare to win. 1 in 750.2 million people can win. Which makes sense considering some lottery numbers will be repeated. It is extremely rare, but it is not impossible. Lottery tickets costs $2 dollars which means it is pretty cheap or easy to afford. If you consider the fact that you spend $2 on lottery tickets per day or more. There are 365 days in  a year if you put that money to the side you would save 730 dollars a year.

Why spend your $2 on a lottery with such a low chance of winning?

Imagine this:

You enter the store and you pick up some chips then as you buy your food you see an ad that says 1 billion dollars to the person that can guess the numbers. You have never played the lottery because your family does and you think it is a waste of money, but you can’t shake the thought that you can win 1 billion dollars just by the amount of $2. You end up buying the lottery ticket you decide to play the numbers 36, 45, 01, 23, 16 and 5 later on that day you turn to channel nine and they read the numbers 45,01,16, 36, 05, and 07. You were only one number off  so the next day you decide to play again. Then you play years with no wins.

I think of the lottery like a habit, habits are hard to be broken when formed, just like buying lottery tickets with little chances of winning. People buy the lottery to live better who wouldn’t want to win the title of winning the lottery. Some people like the suspense. Some people just have too much confidence.

Wha I want you to learn?:

  1. Winning the lottery is not impossible its just extremely rare.

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