Do you need an ice breaker or something fun to with your bae: Truth or Dare questions

As teenagers we date and at a group date it is hard to keep the “thunder” or fun. So I asked a couple of friends what they do or play on group dates and the number one game that is played is truth or dare. Who wouldn’t like it?? To be forces to do something you want to do or to be pushed out of your comfort zone. And it is the great way to break the ice. My friends also told me about how it was hard to come up with questions and the internet gave them lame ones like kiss or the other partner can’t talk until next turn. Here are a list of fun truth or dare questions for a group of friends at a slumber party or a double date with friends.


  1. What is the freakiest thing you have ever done?
  2. Who was your first kiss? How old were you?
  3. Name 3 qualities a guy/girl must have in order for you guys to date?
  4. If you could kiss anyone in this room who would it be?
  5. Have you ever kissed the opposite gender? Did you like it?
  6. (Choose a person preferred opposite gender) what would you do freaky to me if we were in a room alone?
  7. Have you had an inappropriate dream? Details
  8. Who would you kill marry and kiss in this room?( choose 3 people)
  9. Who was your first girl/boyfriend name?
  10. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done??


  1. Kiss the person to the right of you
  2. Streak in a circle around your block
  3. Sit in the host of the party’s siblings or parents closet.(choose hours)
  4. Go into a store take a bag of chips and eat them(put Money in the empty chip bag)
  5. Go outside and sing to the top of your lungs your favorite song.
  6.  Ask your meanest neighbors for a cup of sugar then when they go get it go back into your house.
  7. Make a McDonald’s rap then go to McDonald’s and recite ….post it on YouTube
  8. (Ask the person to the right of you to give you a person) give a Hickey to that person
  9. Say your wettest dream
  10. Whisper something dirty to your partner.

Not everyone does their dare make a rule like….

  • If you don’t do your dare or answer your truth you are out the game
  • If you don’t do your dare or answer your truth you have to let someone choose your wardrobe

What I want you to learn:

  1. You have to be very creative to play truth or dare
  2. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

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