Absent Role Model Outcomes, Is Changing Good??

When we become teens people say are changing or we aren’t like how we were when we were younger. Some teens take it the wrong way….DON’T you are growing and maturing. You are beginning to have our own opinions and perspectives of things. The worst thing is not having a good relationship with your parents or guardian. Which makes things harder in life. If you don’t have a good relationship or understanding with your parents, and you have an opinion about something, you tend to not say anything it’s easier than to not be heard. That is all you want ……I want is to be heard..!.. If you and parents or guardians do have a bad relationship its best to talk to someone. In some results some girls look to boys for the attention and love they didn’t get from their parents. Boys tend to not know how to treat a woman. Girls also think they are the ones to change these boys raise them in to men with a result of ice cream, tears and chick flicks.

People say when I was younger I wasn’t the same they say I talk back now. I always reply I was young and I knew my surroundings but it was older when I began to understand. For an example :

A girl is young and her mom said no to candy she pouts and stomps her feet

The girl grows up she is about 10 more mature her mother days no to candy she might get an attitude but she can keep her composure.

It is not bad to mature its just another state of growing up.

What I want you to learn:

  1. If someone says you changed its a good thing sometimes
  2. If you don’t have a role model or someone to talk to find someone …..not someone random but someone responsible….and slowly gain trust and then get tips and guidance
  3. Don’t he stupid in love…well gossip more about that

Have a great day in the comments be sure to give me blog ideas and feelings also recommend this blog to your friends and family. BYE😃


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